Saturday, 26 July 2014

La Passacaglia - A New Start

"La Passacaglia"

I have been plotting a new start for some time now.
See that quilt on the cover. It finishes at 144 x 176 cm and is all English Paper Pieced.
There is a little quote on the inside of the cover.

Just as well I am addicted to this project already because if I had read that before starting 
I might have been scared off!

The lead time before I've started this project has been all about finding the right fabrics.
Fabrics that have amazing fussy cutting possibilities. 
For quite some time I have had a fondness of Tula Pink fabrics but I've never played with them.
Until now. 
As you can see I have managed to collect a great collection and finally decided it was time to start.

The first Rosette started to take shape.


then 90 pieces later the first Rosette was finished.

Hello, my name is Sharon and I am well and truly hooked on fussy cutting!
Just as well because in the grand scheme of things this is where I'm at.

A long way to go and I'm excited to see where this project goes.

I need to go, Rosette 2 is awaiting my attention.

hugs Sharon

Friday, 25 July 2014

Christmas in July - Part 1 - Rec'd

I do love Christmas so a little fix in July is very special.

This morning I go to open my gifts from Jo 

and she has spoiled me.
Allow me to share.

Look at all my gifts.  Thank you Jo xx

a closer look....

Filled with goodies.  Text prints, tea, coffee and thread.

I may have just hidden this to help fuel my next late night sewing marthon.

Huge thank you again Jo, I love everything.
As soon as I hear from the person I sent to I will share what I made.

hugs Sharon

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Back to Lucy Boston

"Lucy Boston / Patchwork of the Crosses"

I revisited my Lucy Boston box yesterday as I didn't have any blocks cut ready to piece.
I now have these blocks ready to stitch.

Whilst I was at it I decided to lay my other blocks out to see how they would
look with my chosen filler fabric / squares.  I am liking the way the darker maroon colour is 
anchoring the blocks as I was getting a little concerned that they were getting a little washed out with the TOT border of each block.  All happy again now :o)

And a lesson for anyone making this ..... add your borders as you go!

Then today, after all the cold wet weather we have been having it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.
So much so that I took my sewing outside and enjoyed the warmth of the winter sun and the smell of the freshly mowed lawn whilst I started to add some of those tiny squares to a block.

Perfectly Perfect.

hugs Sharon

Tilda Swap

Time has finally arrived to share what I sent in the F.H.F.S. Tilda Swap.

Dearest Keryn was my person to send to this time around and I have to admit to a little 
"stage fright" here.  Keryn makes the most gorgeous Dolls / Characters and loves Christmas
but Tilda Fabrics are not her style.

I was originally going to make a Tilda Doll but more in Keryn's style.
Insert huge fail ......... I, for the life of me can not make Tilda Dolls, or snowmen.
 Believe me, I tried!

So my take on the "Tilda Swap"

A 12" Mini made with a Cross Stitched Reindeer.
Isn't he cute :)  I think so and Keryn likes him to :o)

Now are you wondering how I incorporated the "Tilda"?
Easy, the label on  he back!  I used Tilda Fabric.

oh, and I included a Tilda Book and of course something to nibble on 
(which obviously hasn't made it to the pic)

Our next F.H.F.S. swap has a Spots theme.
 Watch out secret swap partner, I might use my creative licence here too!

Hugs Sharon

Thursday, 17 July 2014

My New Cards

I ran out of Business cards 10 days ago so decided it was time to change things up a little.
Online I went and new simple cards (top left) were ordered. 
They arrived this morning so it was time to see if this
vision I had was going to work.

These cards are bigger than your standard business card.
The plan was to sew mini bunting to all the cards but then later today
I found myself also making these.

And just in case you didn't know, yes I am a huge Bonnie and Camille fan!
The Tepee and Bunting are made from Scrumptious.
The Umbrella is April Showers and the flower is Bliss.

These were fun to make.

hugs Sharon