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Sunday, 30 December 2012

DIY Sewing Table

An unplanned post but when things happen
 and being a good blogger
 the camera came out to follow progress.

This was my sewing machine a couple of hours ago.
Before a mix of 1 male, Power tools and a Facebook link by
Retromummy a few weeks ago came into play.

Let me just add that the "1 Male and Power tools"
don't play very often so this was a bit risky!

Fingers crossed this works because a table with a hole cut in
it really is of no use if it doesn't!

"Look Mummy, Daddy made a hole"

Let's not discuss what was being said here :)

Fingers Crossed

Now just the right height for quilting, less stress on
my shoulders and so much more surface space
than the silly Janome extension table that moved around.

Thank you Glenn, you're a keeper :)
Oh and thank you for the new header also xx

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Is Glenn for hire?! It looks fantastic, the best sewing table idea I've seen in ages!

  2. Genius! When is he coming to Melbourne, please??!! And I love the new header too!

  3. hooray, what a great idea!
    your new header is lovely

  4. Glenn you are definitely a keeper,what a wonderful job and great idea Sharon,look out now,hey,lol.xx

  5. Fantastic....he is a keeper for sure....

  6. Great job Glenn. You'd better watch out. There maybe some orders heading your way! LOL!

  7. What a great husband! Please pass along my compliments on a job well done! Isn't it great when the man of the house is able and willing to do jobs like this? (It's just one less thing that *you* would need to do!).

    My own Dear Husband had the reverse project: he had to make a filler piece because my current Janome had a smaller footprint than my previous Singer. But, he did it and it's wonderful. :-)

  8. Fantastic. The new table is great.

  9. Fabulous idea. Well done Glenn....I hope she rewarded you!

  10. Excellent, well done Glenn,are you planning a trip to England any time soon.

  11. Yep - definitely a keeper! What a great way to start the new year. And I love your new blog header - not that you are a fan of Bonny and Camille at all!

  12. That is fantastic! I am going to show my hubby...but I probably need to get a different table as I am using my grandparents old dining table which is antique!

  13. What a handy man he is to have around! Your new header looks great too!

  14. Fantastic Sharon! I hope Glenn was saying - look at the great job I've done, you can sew even more now! He's very handy to have around. Tracee xx

  15. Awesomeness :D Quilt hubbies can be the best.

  16. Glenn did good! You are really going to love using your new customized table. No more stiff necks or shoulder pain... bliss! You'll be able to stitch faster and for longer now ;o)

  17. Glen is a legend, what a great makeover!! X

  18. Well done !! You have chosen your husband very well !! ;)

  19. awesome... so great to have that done for you.....

  20. Fantastic! You will enjoy this I'm sure! How scary was it putting that initial hole in the table?!

  21. Oh, good for you! You will love that. My DH did that for me a few years back. I don't know how I ever got along without it all those years.

  22. Yay Glen ! There will be no stopping you now!

  23. I'm so glad it worked well for you guys! Thanks for linking up! :)


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