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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Quirky Creatures

Monday saw an exciting squishy package arrive.

I could quite easily get used to sewing for others with mail like this :o)

I decided to start with the "Alligator" pattern by Penguin and Fish.

He finishes at just over 25" long.

Isn't he such a "quirky little creature"
 but wait, there are now two!

Whoops, look like I left something off the eyes of the first. . . . all fixed now, just not pictured.
Fun little creatures  :o)

Hoping you have a great day doing something you love.
hugs Sharon


  1. That is the cutest thing I have seen for a long time. I love his side by side eyes :D

  2. adorable. lovely fabrics - not scary at all! what about a crocodile?

  3. Great playmate...not scary at all...just cute really! Another great job Sharon.

  4. These alligators are delightful. And great fabrics too. Lots of fun there!!

  5. Careful!Everything multiplies in your home lol. Love the crocs.

  6. Adorable alligators! What lovely and fresh fabrics!

  7. Squishy mail is just the best!

  8. What lovely mail to get and those crocs are pretty cute SHaz.xx

  9. Are those alligators multiplying? Very cute Sharon. Hugs.....


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