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Monday, 24 February 2014

Weekend round up and another .....

"Social Tote"

My 3rd. I'm thinking one more (a Christmas gift, so wont be seen here for a while) and then I might have to put this pattern away for a while.

My second Social Tote was my swap item at Millrose on Saturday.
The theme was red so it seemed only natural that I fill it with some red stuff.
Fabric, thread, buttons, zip, ribbon, liquorice, chocolate, pattern and something smelly.

But look at what I got. OMG, it is gorgeous and so me. I do love a good use of text fabrics.

I do have a little problem though as I have already found my new bag hanging on Miss Lily's
bedroom door ........  twice!  What can I say, she has good taste :o)

And for the retail therapy.

I have been wanting this pattern for a while now. I think it will be a great stash busting project
and I am looking forward to starting it in a few months. Really should finish something before I start this one.

and my "Community Service Announcement" 
for today is this Eye Candy

The next Fabric range from Bonnie and Camille
"Miss Kate"
I am looking forward to seeing what the girls make with this new range and of course I look forward to playing with it myself :o)

Have a great week, hugs Sharon


  1. These totes are totally awesome.....love what you gave as your gift ...and what you receiced Sharon....wow.......

  2. Your totes are gorgeous Sharon. You'll have to keep an eye out on Miss Lily!

  3. Beautiful gifts and love your totes

  4. You have really been busy - and the totes are lovely! WOW!! What a fabulous gift for your Mill Rosie swap!!

  5. I to can't wait for Miss Kate to arrive, it looks beautiful. Your bag and goodies look amazing, I'm sure you will enjoy them all.

  6. once again you excel ...... just so WOW

  7. Looks as though you have that social tote down pat Shaz. I'm glad that you like your Hexie bag.

  8. lol Miss Lil is a character,at least you know if its missing where to look,lol.Love your social tote,i am going to get this pattern today,love it,love the new range from Bonnie and Camile,have a lovely day my friend.xx

  9. Those social totes are multiplying at an alarming rate! Love how Miss Lil has commandeered your lucky dip bag but as you say she has great taste. I can't wait to see the new Bonnie and Camille range in person it looks soooooo yummy :) Barb.

  10. You know you are on a winner if it is being pilfered. Lol! Lovely gift and new pattern. Love your social totes.

  11. I think I shall call you the bag lady! Love the hexie bag and I think you are very talented making the social totes . Looks like Miss Lilly is like her mum. LOL

  12. Lovely giftsSharon,both given and received .I still really love the social tote,going to have to get the pattern for it.xx

  13. Oh I can't wait for Miss Kate to arrive!

  14. Such gorgeous projects Sharon...and the tote you received in the swap is a beauty as well...I have been trying to find the pattern here in the states for the social tote, but have not had any luck so far...your embroidery is so lovely...

  15. Hi Sharon - I have really loved you Mill Rose pics, and wow that bag is really gorgeous, no wonder your daughter loves it! The Social Tote is a clever design, so practical too, wonderful work there!

  16. These totes are multiplying rapidly. They look wonderful. Great fabric choices.
    And the gift you received is a delight!

  17. I can't wait to see what you do with the GTASB pattern, it's bound to be fantastic!


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